Sharikat Logistics Pte Ltd.

Sharikat Logistics (ISO Certified) is a 3PL and Warehouse Space Solution Provider Company.

Over the years, the company has accumulated a strong customer base in providing Total Logistics including warehouse space solutions. With proper Warehouse Management and Finance Systems, MHE's, well-equipped facilities and dedicated personnel, we are able to create the competitive advantage for each individual client's business.

    Logistics Warehouse (Room Temperature)
  • 6 Kwong Min Road - Capacity of 2150 pallet positions
  • 19 Kwong Min Road - Capacity of 1800 pallet positions
  • 11 Kwong Min Road - Capacity of 2400 pallet positions
  • 13 Kwong Min Road - Capacity of 3000 pallet positions
  • 6 Chin Bee Ave - Capacity of 3500 pallet positions
    Cold Storage (Ultra Low Temperature of -50 °C)
  • 1 Second Chin Bee Road, Singapore 618768
Minus 50 Freezer

Mainly to house Tuna's and other Sea Food product that requires Ultra low temperature. It has a capacity to house 185 cages minimum 1.3 Ton per cage

Minus 25 Freezer
  • Fully racked up with - With Capacity of 1250 pallets positions.
  • Minus 25 Ante Room - With Capacity of 200 pallet converters
  • Minus 35 Ante room - With Capacity of 50 pallets converters
  • Plus 10 Loading Bay - With Capacity of 200 pallets positions
  • Plus 10 Processing Area - Area of 25,000 sq ft. Currently with Fish and Meat processing room, Kitchen and Tuna Processing and packaging area.
  • Chill Room - Area of 1740 sq ft.
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